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Downtown Use Survey Results

Downtown Use Survey Results

The City of Safety Harbor conducted a Downtown Use Survey between August 21st and September 14th, with a goal of gaining feedback on the types of business activity most often supported and future business opportunities for our downtown. The survey was completed by 424 individuals with the largest group being residents, 83% or 352 responses. Respondents were most interested in a specialty grocer/market, followed by a destination restaurant and post office annex. The most frequently visited businesses were restaurant (88%) and bar/tavern/microbrewery (66%). The final open ended question provides 218 comments on preferred uses in the downtown.

The City Commission, City Staff, Economic Development Liaison, Chamber of Commerce, and Merchants of Safety Harbor (MOSH) will use the data from this survey as a tool to assist with ongoing economic development, redevelopment and grant incentive policy discussions.

The complete Downtown Use Survey can be found at the following link:

Downtown Use Survey Results

South Green Springs Water Main Replacement Scope

South Green Springs Water Main Replacement Project

by: John E. Powell, P.E., City Engineer

Water main improvements in the area south of City Hall will begin in August 2017. The work is necessary to replace aging infrastructure. Approximately 4,300 feet of 6 inch water main and 4,100 feet of 2 inch water main will be installed. Where possible, water lines will be installed by directional drill in order to minimize impacts to trees, sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and other infrastructure. The process consists of drilling a path at the desired location and depth, then pulling the water main into place. The contractor will coordinate with residents to assure access to their property and minimal disturbance to their water service.